Writing is the starting point of our story.

books are a metaphor of life

The Mute books collection re-interprets classical titles, playing with our memories.
The Mute books mix traditional printing and binding techniques together with a fresh spirit, added by the handcoloured slice.
The artisanal technique allows our clients to personalize the color of the edge to create their own special book.
18 symbolic titles by authors such as Jules Verne, Dante or Homer, were transformed in a colored note book to fill with your own stories
Rome & Juliet
William Shakespeare

(pink border)

The origin of species
Charles Darwin
The Jungle Book
Rudyard Kipling
Vladimir Nabokov
William Shakespeare
The Metamorphosis
Franz Kafka
Moby Dick
Herman Melville
 Journal de Bord
 The Beauty & the Beast
Once upon a time
Naturalis Historiae
Plinii Secondi
Physiologie du gout
Brillat Savarin
La Divina Commedia
Dante Alighieri
Le tour du Monde en 80 jours
Jules Verne
One thousand and one nights
Il libro della Bella Donna
Sydereus Nuncius
Galileo Galileo
Le Epistole