Olfactive notes,  words that become scents are the guideline to our last project:
Olfactory Book
A paper notebook and an organic fragrance to give a scent to words


Appunti olfattivi,   parole evocative di fragranza sono il filo conduttore del nostro ultimo progetto: 
Olfactory Book
We divide our lives for some time between Tuscany and the south of France.
We started to explore Provence with its traditions, and especially the world of fragrances.
So was born our new collection of Olfactory books, a research on classical texts that evoke hidden feelings.
The scents are essential, and  of organic origin.
You can use it at home, bring it in your bag, use it in your car, or offer it as an original present. Open the book to let it give off  its fragrance.
The note book and its fragrance to spray on are packed in an elegant white carboard box.
Dante Alighieri
“l’Amor che move il sole e l’altre stelle.”

Paradiso – Canto XXXIII


Fragranza: 1321

Lavande, Thym

Charles Baudelaire
“Voici venir des temps, où vibrant sur sa tige
Chaque fleur s’évapore ainsi qu’un encensoir.”

Les Fleurs du Mal


Fragranza: 1857

Pin, Eucalyptus

William Shakespeare
“What’s in a name? That which we
call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

Romeo & Juliet


Fragranza: 1597

verveine d’Asie





Dante Alighieri

Paradiso, Canto XXXIII