Alice Gold


Made with the traditional technique of grisaille used for sacred art, this round-shaped  mirror with colored effects is handmade and available in various colours, such as grey , gold, moss green and blue/gold , and in various grade of intensity.

Each piece is unique and can also be realized upon request and in different sizes.

Whether it’s a darker mirror or a square mirror with a colored frame and golden effects, the Alice mirror offers infinite variations and possibilities for reflection.

colour :  gold oxidation effect on clear mirror

material: glass

technique: grisaille.

size: ø 60 cm

other size upon project

made in Italy


Delay for realization: 4 to 5 weeks

For order and availability, please contact us.



Alice Gold: diam. 60 cm
Gold oxidation effect

Informazioni aggiuntive

Dimensioni60 × 60 cm


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