GALLERY BOOKS 4: Flowers in a vase


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Gallery is a set of notebooks playing a double game.

A superb puzzle composing a famous painting.

4 x cm 21×15 Bound notebook with a handcoloured border  and visible binding.

size: cm 15x 21

160 sheets – 320 PP

PEFC paper – Acid free

made in Italy

cm 15 x 21

Cover: Bouquet  G. J. J. van Os  / hand coloured blue border

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A Set of 4 notebooks to compose a painting, with a hand colored border

single Size: cm 15 x 21

Covers available :

  • Flowers in a vase  / A. Bosschaert  /  yellow border     ©Rijksmuseum
  • Flowers on marble / Rachel Ruysch  /  coral border    ©Rijksmuseum
  • Flowers in a glass / Jan Brueghel   /  Pink border       ©Rijksmuseum

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Peso1.7 kg
Dimensioni21 × 15 cm


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