A colored Mute Book abandoned in the library,

 A subtil artwork of oxidation on mirrors,

 A paper notebook and an organic fragrance to give a scent to words,

symbols for the passing of time….

Our products represent a parallel world. 

Notes of the memory that survive in our daily lives.

They are part of our research on traditional and common objects, re invented and restored, to get new vigour and modern spirit. 

Our products are realized one by one by craftsmen in Tuscany, in search of respect with the environment.

We present our collection, as well as collaborating with hotels and shops, for exclusive tailor
made products.

SLOW was created by Roberto di Filitto and Nathalie Schneider. He is a designer, she comes
from fashion. They have been working together in their graphic and design company in
Tuscany, Italy, until they began to collaborate with local craftsmen, to design new object
with classical techniques and antique skills.